Eli Dourado

Hi, I’m Eli, and this is my website.

I’m an economist and regulatory hacker living in Washington, DC. My fondest wish is that GDP per capita would reach $200k by 2050. To get there, we need lots of new hard technology, and inevitably that hard technology is going to be deployed in highly regulated industries. I try to stack the regulatory deck in favor of new technology and of the economic and social change it brings about.

Professionally, I am looking for what’s next. I spent the last 2+ years as head of global policy at Boom. Before that, I was a senior research fellow at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University and director of its Technology Policy Program. I like to work on thorny regulatory issues that could dramatically increase the pace of innovation. Please reach out if you have a lead or advice.

Before I got started in tech policy, I thought I wanted to be a professor. I have a PhD in economics from George Mason University.

In my spare time, I tweet and blog, think of startup ideas, try to not screw up my kids, consume great books and TV shows, write, study 中文, and seek out flow states.

The best ways to reach me are by email ([email protected]) or via Twitter (@elidourado).

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