Eli Dourado

Reading for dreamers

I am a dreamer. By this, I do not mean to imply anything about the hallucinations I have while sleeping, which I tend not to remember. I mean to say that I have a temperament, personality, or disposition that leads my mind to wander. I laugh at inappropriate times. Maybe everyone else is just like me—it is, after all, impossible to get inside someone else’s head—but I think not. I have a very rich interior life.

I would not change this about myself if I could, but it does cause problems. One problem is that when I read books, I go off on tangents, I chase rabbits, I take the ideas out for a spin. When I am ready to return to the book, I have lost my place. I end up reading paragraphs over and over again as each fresh reading brings about a new opportunity for mind-wandering.

I have recently discovered a solution to this problem. Not for the dreaming. For the losing of my place. I have been reading on my iPhone. I am using the Kindle for iPhone app. It is fantastic for people like me. People complain about the iPhone’s small screen when compared to the iPad or to the Kindle proper. But the small screen is such a blessing! The screen displays about a 12th of a page at a time. This is just the right amount. When I return from my meanderings, there is no question of where I left off. I left off there. And I can keep going.

Fellow dreamers, have you already tried something like this? Are you now planning to try? Do you have any other useful tips for people like us? Non-dreamers can feel free to comment too, of course.