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How the Tea Party can Precommit

I think that libertarians can be forgiven for doubting that the Tea Party victories yesterday will fail to translate into actually smaller government. We’ve heard it all before. I am not a political strategist, but it seems to me that if Tea Party-affiliated officials are serious about cutting the size of government, there is a clear move they can make to precommit their party to decreasing the size of government.

The Tea Partiers who won last night should get on TV and loudly declare, “If the size of government is larger in two years than it is today, people should vote for the Democrats in 2012.” If enough of them were to do this, it would tie the hands of the Republican establishment. The leadership would face the choice of actually cutting spending or giving the Democrats a huge TV advertising edge in 2012.

What should we infer from the fact that the Tea Party has not yet adopted this strategy (besides the fact that they don’t read my blog)?