Eli Dourado


@douradobot is a Markov chain-based Twitter bot written in Ruby using Mispy’s excellent twitter_ebooks library. It was super easy to make. Well, it was easy for me; I’m sure that it was hard for Mispy. The bot uses a few thousand of my latest tweets as a basis for composing new, original tweets that sound kind of like me.

The bot tweets several times a day, and replies almost all of the time if you tweet at it—almost all to avoid an infinite conversation with another bot. The bot also follows some people and will occasionally favorite, retweet, or respond to something it finds interesting. If you follow it, it will follow you back.

No one should experience more than one unprompted interaction with @douradobot on a given day. However, if you find the bot annoying, please let me know, and I will add you to a blacklist so that it won’t favorite, retweet, or respond to your tweets.

Thanks to the great Alex Beal (and his bot) for the inspiration, and to Heroku for hosting @douradobot in its free tier.