Eli Dourado

Roundup of non-blog writing

Because I haven’t been writing on this blog much lately, I just wanted to update my readers (especially RSS subscribers) as to my recent online activities and ways you could still catch my writing online.

  • I link to most of my pieces on Twitter, so be sure to follow me at @elidourado there.
  • I have a bunch of pieces at The Ümlaut, which has been somewhat dead lately but may come back in a new incarnation at Medium.
  • I love using Medium and plan on doing most of my online writing there. You can follow me on Medium and/or subscribe to all my posts via RSS.
  • I am co-editing a Medium publication on tech policy called Plain Text. I think this is some of my most interesting writing, and I have some great co-authors. The RSS feed is here.
  • Lastly, I have an occasional “secret” newsletter. If you want to get an email from me every couple weeks, subscribe here.

I feel very fortunate to have such a great audience. Thanks for reading.